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Pricing Strategy

Thanks to CMV Software's Posipricing™ tool, you no longer need to spend hours analyzing your competitors' prices and products. Instead, get the information handed to you digitally and immediately work on your pricing strategy and marketing positioning. And with the threat of new competitors putting more and more pressure on your business, optimizing your prices, ensuring your brand promise, and monitoring competitive movements, you ensure you are making smart decisions.

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Posipricing allows marketing teams to save time on data processing or monotonous busy work and focus on more important action plans.


The return on investment seen by our clients is immediate and ongoing.

Sale Branding

Continuously Track

We make it easier for you to conduct more insightful pricing discussions by continuously tracking the prices of your most price or supply-sensitive products.


Compare competitors' strategies and prepare your own game plan even before running final simulations.

Sale Branding

Pricing Simulations

Quick and easy pricing simulations are embedded in the CMV Software solutions.   


No need for a 3rd party plug-in or additional programming, it's all inherently part of our value proposition to you.

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