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Running with Shopping Bags

Competitive Intelligence & Dynamic Data Visualization

Competitive intelligence is delivered by CMV's Posipring tool.  Intelligence and stocking data is presented in easy-to-read  and color coded charts making it perfect for quick decision-making as easy to interpret competitive intelligence.

Gain Market Share Over Your Competitors

By adapting your pricing strategy with CMV's Posipricing competitive intelligence tool, you increase your sales and margin opportunities, therefore, increasing the profitability of your brand while gaining market share.


Improve Your Brand Image

Today's consumers have never been more sensitive to a brand's pricing image. Posipricing allows you to visualize your competitors' pricing strategy, adapt your positioning, and improve your price image on a single assortment or a complete range of products.


Control Your Margins

By visualizing the positioning of your competitors, you adapt your prices to differentiate yourself in your market and thus make operational decisions that will allow you to optimize your profitability.


Be on Point With Promotional Activity

View and track your competitors' products on promotion. Base your promotional activity by observing competitive promotional trends combined with stocking levels to fully understand competitive strategies.

What They Are Saying?

"Posipricing’s readability, ergonomics, colors, and charts are easy to interpret. I especially like the Business Intelligence features. We were just not used to working with this kind of solution at Karavel. Therefore, the visual representations help us to quickly identify and action key information."

Strategic Product Manager

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