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Build Purchasing Leverage

By visualizing your competitors' assortment and price positioning, CMV Software's Posipricing™  facilitates the preparation of negotiations with your suppliers. Research has shown that as little as a 1% price increase can equate to an 8-11% increase in operating profit for a mid to large-size enterprise. So working closely with your vendors while understanding the competitive environment helps you organize your pricing structure accordingly and helps you make smart decisions.

Open up vendor negotiations with a look at how other competitive retailers manage pricing and inventory levels.

See all the desired information in custom user-friendly graphical representations; easy to view, easy to interpret, easy to share, and easy to action.

Understand key insights on how strictly vendors enforce MAP. Perfect both before or after you take on a new vendor.

Don't be left out.   Easily monitor if your vendors are offering exclusive deals or promotional pricing to other competitive retailers.

What Our Clients Say

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"Today we could not do without this tool which, despite our extremely efficient price positioning, allows us to gain more than 1% margin compared to comparable stores. "
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